Saturday, July 15

Another Mom Moment

Buzz Lightyear, originally uploaded by Juliane_Stanczyk.

Little O calls him Buzz My Ear.
When we sing "Are you sleeping" the final line is Morning as a Reindeer.

When big O began to read he flipped out in the drive through at Jack in the Box because they sold monster tacos. Would not eat there for years.

Love my O's...


crse said...

I love those kidisms! Monster tacos, thats so hilarious, poor little guy! (but what IS the last line to the "are you sleeping?" song?

crse said...


factor 10 said...

It's supposed to be morning bells are ringing. I hear my mother's voice in my ear every time, so I repeat it back to Little O correctly, but I love it. She also says bamanas. :}