Thursday, July 13

Corporate Life, no blogs allowed.

Rudy First Stage, originally uploaded by hua bing chong ji.

So life without blogs continues at work, but it's not pretty. We wander listlessly, having secretive, hushed talks in the corners...
Hey, I read your blog with my kids screaming in the background last night...LMAO. er, I mean, I laughed, well, you know. Listen, I'm jonesin' for something to do...have you seen the crossword?

You think I'm kidding? We've put a Boggle board on an Excel spreadsheet, and we email boggle games to each other.

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BANANAS62 said...

no blogs, indeed! I do my blog on word and then transfer it over to my blog... later, that way, I still get the important stuff off my chest! It's either that or I'll forget!