Sunday, July 2

Piggy gets his own opinion...

This is my daughter's most faithful friend, who was at one point named after her favorite aunt. The days of "baby tia monica" were vastly entertaining for the rest of the Honey's family. Now we just refer to it as Piggy. Piggy comes with us a lot.

(Okay the chocolate milk on Piggy's foot is new. Thank God for machine washable stuffed animals, and why aren't they ALL machine washable?)

Last night Little O's uncle brought the car he was test-driving by the house for the little woman to look over, and we all jumped in to go around the block. Little O thought the sun roof was outstanding, and that the car was very nice. Then she added that Piggy was unimpressed.

Love my O's. Posted by Picasa

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kim said...

I love that kid *snickers*