Wednesday, July 19

Not a WTF Wednesday.

Good Morning, Cujo!, originally uploaded by hasfurrychildren.

It's wonderful Wednesday...because Weds is halfway to Friday. My customers have all been bitten by rabid dogs.

How do you know, Jennifer?

Because they are all foaming at the mouth, and convinced that we are after them. All of us. Refusing to give us addresses because we are harboring secret grudges, and they fear retribution. Which, with the exception of the obnoxious bastard on South Miller, is completely absurd. :}


bananas62 said...

This looks like that Dorothy woman as she's walking in screaming she won't pay more than 18.00 per quarter for her garbage... what a bitch!

kim said...

omg lmao ... add to the list that guy on Telegraph ....ohhhh GOD how I hate him

factor 10 said...

Okay, if we're getting specific, the wheelchair bound lady with the blind son who calls screaming each week, because the in yard service we provide AT NO COST was not done to her (ever-changing)specifications. MMMM...could you accuse the driver of stealing your spider plant one more time? Because that big hairy man slogging your can to the curb is really into Botany, and really wanted to carry your dime-a-dozen spider plant around with him in his truck all day. That's right, he's a thief, and yes, ma'am, I'll note that you prefer only english speaking drivers. YOU have a nice day, too.

Anonymous said...

For some odd reason, this reminded me of one of those 'Calvin' looks, as in Calvin and Hobbes? Too funny

hasfurrychildren said...

Hey~ That's MY *sweet* dog!
He was actually in the middle of a yawn here, but I thought it was a hysterical catch.

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hasfurrychildren said...

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