Monday, July 10

No Complaints! Well, only One.

The wedding was Hot as Hell, but not the bride's fault. The spread was amazing, the people were nice--okay, the mariachis were amplified, THAT was a mistake. We had a great time, Little O danced all night. Literally. She did not stop.

But the tuxedo... My honey looked very debonair. In spite of the lazy bitches at the bridal shop. Bitchlet #1 refused to actually measure him properly for the tux, she sort of held the tape measure to his waist, let it drop to the floor, and eyeballed it. She was too damned lazy to get down on her hands and knees in her tube top and gauchos and four inch heels. If you can't work in it, don't WEAR it to WORK. I let it go, told my honey to call and see if the groom had had the same experience, he had--wasn't real worried about it. That's what the fitting is for.
Apparently bitchy #2 didn't do a whole lot. I could not go to the fitting, and she didn't adjust the hem on the pants, did not include the button covers, and oh, by the way, gave him a shirt for a necktie, not a bowtie.
I was not there for the fitting, but baby, I took that thing back.

They asked how the wedding went, and were we happy, and I explained that we were happy with everything but the tux. Bitchy #2 was there, and decided to blame the whole thing on my Honey not speaking up about the fit. Well, they have a converted Victorian for the shop, and while the Brides have a huge dressing room, the fellows get to use the bathroom under the stairs. She admitted that she never put him in front of a full length mirror, AND she had no memory of telling him that the length was fine. You know what? I was okay with that. He could have pushed the length issue himself.
But then she says that she can't keep track of which bridal party is wearing which shirt, and why didn't he speak up about it.

****My Bitchy Inner-manager locks in and I'm now seeing red with the little laser sight marks off to the sides****

Excuse me? Is this not a bridal shop? The point of everyone renting tuxedos from the same place is to ensure that everyone is wearing the same thing to the wedding, is it not? I see that you have the correct style shirt written down on your paper. That isn't helping your case--if it's written down on the paper that accompanied the tuxedo, then YOU should have caught it either when you received the merchandise, or when he tried it on. You seriously expect a man who walks in wearing a Steelers T-Shirt to know the differences between collars, and what the bride ordered?

I didn't care if they sent a check to the bride, I felt that they needed to acknowledge that they screwed up, and as a result, her wedding was not everything that she had planned. I found it interesting that they said, oh, no, this has nothing to do with HER, it would only have to do with her if we had messed up her dress.
But it was HER wedding. You.Messed.Up.Her.WEDDING. How can a bridal shop not get this concept? What are they doing in this business?

So they gave me twenty bucks back from the tuxedo rental. Okay. I can live with that. I was shooting for ten. It's the principle of the thing.

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bananas62 said...

I know this bridal Shop.. They SUCK BAD!!! they have snotty little twits working there and one would wonder which is bigger, their IQ or their WAIST Size...I don't know why they are still in business, but they have been around for years and years... and it looks like things aren't getting any better! Take a deep breath and be glad it's all over!