Friday, July 14

I get so very frustrated with all of this...

I find my all-text entries boring. Gimme something to look at. But I'm not overly keen on putting my kids onto the internet (you'd all cry at their beauty), and so I try flickr. Since the revelation that I could inadvertently offend half the blogging world by becoming a "bandwidth thief" -and I'm still not clear what that is or if I've done it- I try to use flickr pictures that say blog this. Not so sure that this is working, either... argh!


HA! somehow I wiped out my template trying to add the flickr box to my sidebar! I'll have to start from scratch! can I say it? do y'all mind? motherfucker! Links and toys and info--all gone.


crse said...

You too. (I actually was looking for you this morning and was quite alarmed when you didnt load) I dont like all text blogs either. My yahoo 360 seemed more user friendly with the pictures. I just googled my subject and loaded it up. Im working on getting more (nonkid) pictures up. (Ive had mixed feelings about doing the kids....) I cant figure out how to link anything and i feel like a complete cyberdork because im unaware of social norms of blogosphere as well. Wow. I didnt expect this to be such a rant. Thank you. Im glad you are back.

factor 10 said...

Rant any time, my friend! I am dying to post the funny pictures of my O's, but the Honey is creeped out by the concept, and I understand what he's saying...but the cute ones are killing me!

Between my tecno-NO-how (as opposed to know-how) and my lovely stone age dial up, my blog will be pretty basic for some time to come!