Saturday, July 8

One Red Paperclip...

Breanna? He gets his house on Weds. Fourteen trades to get from a paperclip to a house. Are the rest of you familiar with this guy? It only took him a year. sigh.

I am green with envy. Except for that whole Saskatchewan part of the deal. I've only ever been to British Columbia, but I'm sure Saskatchewan is equally pretty. I could probably afford a house if I moved out of state.

On a totally unrelated note, the local country radio station is giving away tickets to the Alameda County Fair. Let's not even address the fact that Alameda county is a drive of more than an hour, through god-awful traffic.

For those of you not familiar with Northern California Geography-- Alameda County? You may know it as Oakland. What are they doing sending good ole boys from the central valley into the heart of Oakland? Is Berkeley partially inAlameda County? IF it is, again, why would they send Country music fans into the not-so-secret-heart of radically-liberal America? Is this some misguided attempt to reclaim Alameda County for the Okies and Rednecks?

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crse said...

i need to do this for a car. A nice car. A car that fits my family and is comfortable to ride in and doesnt break down a lot.