Saturday, July 1


I am soo broke, and really want a good book right now. I'm going to hit the used bookstore and see what I can scrape up from their stunning collection of 1960's cookbooks and harlequin romances. sigh. I live in a pretty large city, and to my knowledge we have ONE used bookstore. wrong wrong wrong. I miss my discount. I miss my bookstore.

Greg Rucka wrote a great series of books, that started with the book FINDER I think--it was either Finder or Keeper, but I'm just not enough of a geek to go back to his website and check. I saw that he has continued that series since the last one I read, and started another one, but **sigh** I'll have to wait. Atticus Kodiak is a great name.

I also like Thomas Perry, and while his Jane Feather books are good, I will always love Sleeping Dogs It's a sequel to an even older book, Metzger's Dog, but great even on it's own.

Okay, yes I am enough of a geek to check--it was Keeper. Finder was the second book.

Do you keep all of your books? I am compelled to pass them on, so somebody else will find a great book, too. I loved the book Double Whammy by Carl Hiassen, and buy it used whenever I see it, because I know I'll want to give it to someone, at some point. It's sort of a litmus test for black humor. I burned out on his books after a while, but I'd take Skink over George W. any day for Prez...

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kim said...

i know that feeling ...and if you want you are welcome to come over here and pour over my shelves of crappola ... i do keep the hardback books i buy but mostly give away the paperback ones too. i might even have a couple of yours still lol